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San Dimas will make its first show in Santa Barbara August 31. Culinary Architects and Kupal Wines & Spirits will present San Dimas at Santa BarbaraAscend with us to the lush grassy hilltop of Elings Park to experience California’s premier Tequila & Mezcal  tasting event at our 4th Annual Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest Festival. Presented by The Berry Man, Inc. and benefiting Elings Park. Imbibe from over 50 premium hand selected tequilas and Mezcales. Visit us for your San Dimas present.
San Dimas Mezcal is our new Hollywood star, last night Leonard was making cocktails  and he decided to include San Dimas Mezcal. Season 6 finale was a  great show with a a new opportunity for Leonard to go to the north pole in a new expedition, he should take San Dimas and get it cold on the ice.